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Rough Water, Choppy Seas, Big Waves

1. One of the main projects that Billy Lawson has spearheaded for Navatek has been the launch of the SeaBlade.
This boat and its high tech hull design are by far the best design for rough water available anywhere.
There are many special patents protecting the SeaBlade's hull design and its construction.
The boat was designed for choppy seas. It rides the best in heavy seas of any boat design anywhere.

Navatek SeaBlade - the best rough water hull design and choppy seas boat anywhere.

SeaBlade by Navatek

SeaBlade by Navatek

2. Many of the ships, boats and hulls that Billy Lawson is currently building as an Mechanical Engineer
in the Ship Construction department of Navatek can be found here:

Navatek - the best ship builder and high tech boat designer in Hawaii.

3. As a general rule these ships, boats and hulls are the best and most high tech designs available anywhere.
They have special patented hull designs, some have aft lifting bodies, some have computer controlled foils,
others have fixed foils. In general they are simply amazing.

Navatek boat builders - the top hull, boat and ship designer and builder in the Pacific.

Look for some of these high tech ships and boats on those sites:

The Navatek II ship with SWATH technology (shown above) with stable heavy seas hull design

The Navatek I tourist ship with stable open ocean hull design

The SeaBlade with ETM for choppy seas and rough water

The Navatek ETM Sled with ALB for choppy seas and rough water

The Bladerunner 35-RIB known as the "Mosquito" - high speed boat with computer controlled foils

Sailing Canoe

Sailing canoe Billy built while at the UH School of Engineering

Billy built a sailing canoe with a few friends while at the UH School of Engineering in 2009 - before joining Navatek

Sailing canoe Billy built while at the UH School of Engineering

Personal flatwater vessel

The Amy - the first boat that Billy Lawson built

Billy built his first boat - named The Amy after his sister -
at the age of 10 with plywood and drywall screws. - January, 1995

Surfboards, Stand-Ups, Kite Boards, Big Wave Guns

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Engineer Billy Lawson alone at Waimea Bay - 2010

Billy alone at Waimea Bay - 2010

5'10 Twin Fin Fish
5'10" Twin Fin Fish
6'2 Squashtail
6'2" Squashtail
6'1 Singlefin
6'1" Singlefin

7'1 Semi-Gun
7'1 Semi-Gun
9'2 Cruiser Longboard
9'2" Cruiser Longboard
6'1 Performance Shortboard
6'1" Performance Shortboard

6'5 Swallow
6'5" Swallow
6'0 Round Pin
6'0" Round Pin

Stand Up Surfboards

12'0 Standup
12'0" Standup
10'0 Standup
10'0" Standup


6'0 Kiteboard
6'0" Quad Kiteboard


10'4 Waimea Gun
10'4 Waimea Gun
8'8 Sunset Gun
8'8 Sunset Gun


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