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Contact with - Hawaii.

If you wish to send an email about a custom surfboard, boat, hull or other ocean engineering project,
please provide the preliminary information listed below about what you are interested in.

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Please include in your email the following preliminary information.
(You may wish to cut and paste this next section into your email in order to assist you in providing the preliminary information.)

Preliminary Information for a board/boat/project inquiry to - Hawaii:



Telephone number(s):

Type of boat or board or engineering project:

Describe briefly the length and size desired:

Describe briefly the type of use intended:

Describe the desired attributes briefly:

Email address (for a response):

Please be aware of the following notice about email contact.

There is NO CHARGE for sending this information to
Please be warned that e-mail is 100% not reliable and cannot be expected to guarantee a timely delivery of your inquiry.
Some email is greatly delayed. Moreover, email may be lost altogether.
Please follow-up your email by direct phone contact, if you do not hear from us with a couple of days. Navigation Menu

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