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About the Law Office of William H. Lawson

Accident Lawyer Honolulu is the website of the Law Office of William H. Lawson. Our firm has two Hawaii personal injury attorneys, William H. Lawson and Amy L. Woodward. With combined experience in the field of over forty years, Mr. Lawson and Ms. Woodward have been assisting clients with personal injury accident claims for several decades. But just what is a personal injury claim?

Personal injury claims

Personal injury claims are claims for damages caused by the wrongful conduct of another party. For such claims, Hawaii law states that affected parties are entitled to file a personal injury claim. Such a claim gives the affected party the chance to receive compensation for the the injuries they have sustained and any resulting damages. Personal injury claims require the affected parties to demonstrate that they have been significantly injured by the negligence of another party and that the other party is responsible for those damages.

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In the case of Tracey v. Solesky, 427 Md. 627, 50 A.3d 1075 (Md., 2012), the Court of Appeals of Maryland held that pit bull owners and harborers have strict liability for attacks on humans by their dogs. Massachusettes had previously established a similar policy. Cute pit bulls? Not hardly. Historically the dogs were bred to be weapons. They regularly maim and kill. Some courts are finally holding that pit bull owners and harborers are required to compensate their victims when their dogs wrongfully injure or kill.