Pedestrian Accidents Hawaii – Why Is It So Dangerous for Pedestrians in Hawaii?

Diamond Head
Hawaii – Diamond Head from the ocean off Waikiki

Hawaii Civil Beat has put out an article called:  “Why Is It So Dangerous for Pedestrians in Hawaii?”  Their statistics show that there are more fatal pedestrian accidents in Hawai’i per 100,000 residents than in any other state in the USA (especially for the elderly).  Although the presence of more pedestrians here because of beautiful weather, shorter distances and the lack of freeways may be part of the explanation, pedestrians in Hawaii should also take the maxim ‘Safety First’ with them as they take to the streets.  Some advice to prevent pedestrian accidents Hawaii might include: Watch where you are going, Look both ways for traffic, Do not used cell phones while walking in the street, and so forth.  Do not be tempted to walk where you are going, while focusing on something else to make the time pass more quickly.

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